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animation – Radan Vasulin

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  • animation
  • /graphics
  • /webdesign
  • “cartoon” intro animation

    I was given scans of characters/props artwork to use and come up with an animated website intro for the year’s opening. Arches Academy, Utah. Built in flash. Watch the flash animation here.

  • educational Prezi/videos

    I supervised production of 20+ promo/educational videos produced for Riliance. I prepared scripts, had them approved, sourced/prepared/assembled graphics and voiceovers; and had the final assembly signed off. Built in:, Inkscape, Adobe Flash, CoolAudio (yes, that’s where Audition is from) + Google Docs. A few examples, like below, were produced by myself from start to finish. Click on “play” button when the presentation loads and … Continue reading educational Prezi/videos »

  • ambient welcome/deco animation

    Ambient welcome screen animation for an event at NIVOU club in Oslo. Build in Adobe Flash. Watch the animation over here []

  • sooqini explainer video

    Explainer video for Sooqini (ended operations in 2015, Techcrunch profile here )